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champagne glasses  Hi I am Karen, lovely of you to stop by, I am writing away and trying to finish my first novel this year, which is about my adventures, experiences and humorous things that happen to me and sometimes my friends (names changed so less embarrassment).  When the novel goes to publication there will be a huge party and lots of champagne as it is 'cooler' than wine!  I write my blog under the name of Nanny Cool which my grandchildren came up with, this is about my life and anything else I find interesting. You can find it on the next page.

I live in Folkestone, Kent by the seaside, it inspires me to write and you can often find me sitting outside enjoying the sunshine (when we have any) writing my stories or reading.  Peaches the cat lives with me and will sit on my laptop when she wants a stroke or some treats, she does not like feeling left out.

The coffee, chocolates and biscuits are always all over my desk, as I think they indulge the brain to create magic, or is it the occasional glass of wine that does that! lol  I think it all helps.

I have ten grandchildren, writing about them often in my blog which I update almost everyday.  So between the family, my cat, the writing, Spiritualism, the garden and always reading a good book there is not a lot of time left, except for dreaming up new stories and adventures.

I have some very good ideas and would like to one day write a column for a magazine or newspaper, or better still to own a cosy, friendly book/coffee shop with big fat squishy sofas so people could choose their books to read in comfort and no rush.  Bringing back story times and holding homework clubs for children and participating in all the book events during the year. I believe books should always be available to all children to increase their knowledge and enjoyment. (Any offers of finance are more than welcome!)

I also read the Tarot Cards to see what is on the horizon or maybe the fairy's will guide me as there is a hidden fairy house at the bottom of my garden.  I have a brilliant collection of crystals that I collect on my travels with the grandchildren.

I hope you enjoy reading and sharing my world.

You can read my poems and stories in these books that are available on Amazon.

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These are the wonderful shoes that I won from the lovely H.C.ELLISTON

Shoes I won   The book is out now and very good. 



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